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  • Differences between Simplex and Duplex Style Strainers

    The duplex strainer design is for continuous duty applications which cannot tolerate an interruption in flow for basket cleaning; i.e. the system flow cannot be interrupted. A duplex strainer is essentially two simplex strainers connected with a three-way valve used to divert flow from the dirty basket chamber to the clean basket

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  • Manual pipeline strainers for debris removal from liquids

    Products include duplex basket strainers, simplex basket strainers, Y strainers and Tee type strainers. Eaton offers pipeline basket strainers in sizes from ¼” to 48”. Our Models 73, 72 and 53 BTX strainers are American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Type

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  • Keckley Company Duplex Basket Strainers

    Keckley duplex basket strainers in sizes ¾” 6” have knob type covers for tool free ease in basket removal. Keckley duplex basket strainers are also designed so the handle is over the in-service chamber allowing for easy cleaning and removal of the off-duty chamber basket.

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  • Duplex Strainers Saniclean Strainers

    SaniClean Strainers, “Y’, “RS” and High Capacity Basket Strainers can all be supplied in Duplex arrangements allowing for continuous operation. These configurations are available as manual systems or as fully automated “PC” controlled. Either configuration is available with backwash capabilities.

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  • Keckley Company Simplex Basket Strainers

    By providing a greater screen area than a Y-strainer, you are optimizing the total open area and minimizing potential pressure loss through the basket. Simplex strainers are used to protect pipelines, valves, and spray nozzles from water flow problems.

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  • Basket Strainers Flow Control

    Up to 2 in. sizes have socket and threaded end connections. Each strainer comes with a standard plastic basket. Other basket materials available, see Basket Replacements. Product Listing. SB Series Simplex Basket Strainers. SB Series Simplex Basket Strainers. DB Series Duplex Basket Strainers. DB Series Basket Strainers. Basket Replacements.

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  • Duplex Model 53 BTX Industrial Basket Strainers Eaton

    The compact, low profile Model 53BTX Duplex Strainer fits into spaces ordinary strainers might not, yet it still uses full-size strainer baskets with low pressure drop performance. And, there is a strainer basket for every application.

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  • Strainer Y Type Strainer Acme Fluid System

    Welcome To ACME Fluid System Manufacturers of Strainer, Duplex Strainer, Basket Strainer, Y Type Strainer, Self Cleaning Filter. ACME FLUID SYSTEMS is an ISO certified unit in India that manufactures of Strainer & Y Type Strainer, Y Type Strainer, Self Cleaning Filter supplies and exports quality strainers and valves to international as well as local markets.

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  • Oxford Filtration self clean filter, kraissl, duplex

    Oxford Filtration Ltd is a market leading supplier and manufacturer of pipeline strainers including simplex and duplex basket strainers, self clean filters, temporary and Y type strainers all in a vast range of materials, pressures and sizes. Also a wide range of spares is supplied for all strainers types from other worldwide manufacturers.

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  • Y Strainer Design Simplex Strainers Duplex Strainers

    Y Strainer Design Differences between Y and Basket Style Strainers. Both Y and basket style strainers require isolating the strainers inlet and outlet to physically clean the straining element (thus interrupting the process flow), however there are significant functional differences that, depending upon specific application characteristics, will determine whether a Y or basket style strainer

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  • Simplex Basket Strainers Ulbrec

    Applications. Ulbrec simplex basket strainers are used in every industry employing pipelines for gases and liquids where accessing strainers for inspection and cleaning without interrupting fluid flow can provide an advantage.The most common application areas for Ulbrec basket strainers

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  • Simplex Strainers Fluid Engineering

    Duplex Strainers; Simplex Strainers; Automatic Slurry Mixer Strainers; Y Strainers; Bag Filters; 105 107 108 115 Cast Simplex Basket Strainers . View Product 120 High-Pressure Simplex Basket Strainer . View Product 124 224 Fabricated Simplex Basket Strainers

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  • Buy Eaton Replacement Strainer Baskets All Models, All Sizes

    Most Eaton strainer baskets are made of stainless steel, for quality long-lasting performance in your industrial application. Eaton manual pipeline strainers come in two general types: simplex and duplex. Simplex strainers have one basket

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  • Eaton Basket Strainers and Y Strainers

    Eaton offers Y Strainers, Simplex and Duplex Basket Strainers, and a full fabricated line of specialty strainers in sizes from ¼" to 60". Strainer Models 73, 72 and 53BTX are American Bureau of

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  • Pipeline Strainers: Fluid Velocity and Differential Pressure

    A strainers Cv is directly related to its design, mostly the resistance created by the path the fluid needs to traverse to pass through the strainer basket. Another important factor is the baskets' open area;

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